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How Buy A Home

Thinking about buying, but unsure how to navigate the market? Call Lydia to set up your Buyer Appointment. In no time, you'll be prepared to best approach the market and have a winning contract, on your terms.

First three steps to your next home purchase:

1.   Set up your Buyer Appointment
This time will allow you and Lydia to get to know one another more and create Your Needs Analysis.   You'll get to share what you want in your next home and your expectations as well as learn more about the market and be two steps ahead of every other buyer shopping!

2.   Get a Pre-Approved
Need a lender? Contact Lydia today for a complimentary list of some of the best lenders in your area!   Though you are free to work with anyone, why not work with these trustworthy professionals to get your pre-approval letter and create a smooth loan process.

3.   Get Your 'Home Buying To Do' List
Whether it be your first purchase or a seasoned move, the complexity of buying and moving may need some additional assistance!   Call Lydia and ask for your list today.   You'll get access to professionals, recommendation, tips & tricks for the easiest move you've every made.